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Let's get to know each other


We're a husband and wife baking duo. Mike's got the baking skills and I've got the creativity and inspiration. Together we've had the best time trying new recipes, flavors, and techniques to bring you the best b's and g's west of the Mississipi. 


[ 1 ] we put a honey glaze on top of our biscuits

[ 2 ] we met on bumble and the bee has always been a part of our relationship

[ 3 ] we believe you should always bee yourself, bee who you're meant to be, and always do things that make you happy

Mike grew up in Belleville, IL. From a young age he loved to cook. His mom shared stories about him at three years old trying to cook breakfast for her. At four he was trying to ride his big wheel to the store to buy eggs to cook even more. This continued into college and he would make creations out of random ingredients to feed his fellow football teammates. You could say cooking was his passion, but for some reason he always thought he wanted to wear a suit to work every day. He ended up spending 10 years in sales and after realizing this wasn't fulfilling his dreams, I encouraged him to take a leap of faith and find that passion again in the kitchen.


Mike landed his dream job at a major St. Louis restaurant and he was overjoyed. Unfortunately, this dream job was short lived due to COVID and the restaurant closed, resulting in Mike losing his job. Determined to continue with his passion Mike came up with the idea of starting his own food business.

Together, and by each other's side, we created the best b's and g's west of the Mississippi. 

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